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Time to Trim

Tree trimming is an important part of maintaining healthy trees. Today we are focusing on why now is the best time to prune your trees.


Why do we prune a tree? Having an A&R Tree expert come out to your property to examine your trees will help determine if the tree is healthy or if it needs pruning for preventative measures. Dying, weak, or dead branches are unhealthy for the life and longevity of your trees and should be removed with expert care. This helps ensure that the tree is cut in a proper manner allowing it to heal as well as to prevent property damage if a branch falls.


Now is the time

Now is the time to prune your trees. When a tree is cut, it bleeds sap which draws insects to it. If the insects are carrying disease, it may harm a freshly cut tree. This is why we focus on tree trimming during the winter months. It allows a newly exposed tree to heal without insects around to possibly cause harm.