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Tree Terms You Should Know

There is so much to know and learn about trees, their life cycle and what they can provide. Whether you’re in charge of tree care at your home, part of a homeowners association, or would simply like to learn more about caring for trees in your area, knowing a bit more about pruning is a great place to start. For pruning beginners and experts alike, here are 15 pruning terms you should know!

Essential Parts of a Tree:

  1. Branch Collar – a defining mark at the base of a branch where it connects to the parent branch or the tree trunk. This dense area provides great support to the branch and indicates where pruning cuts should be made.
  2. Crown – the round, leafy green part at the top of a tree. The crown includes branches, leaves and reproductive structures from the tip of the top down to the bottom branch.
  3. Limbs or Stems – branches of the tree that help transport nutrients between the roots and leaves.
  4. Parent Branch – a large branch from which limbs begin to grow. This could also be a reference to the tree trunk.
  5. Roots – what grows beneath the tree. The roots keep a tree securely in place but also absorb water and nutrients from the surrounding soil.
  6. Tree Trunk – the main wooden axis of the tree where all the branches tend to grow from.

Issues You Might Face:

  1. Decay – the breakdown and degradation of parts of the tree due to bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.  
  2. Girdling – an object, either natural or man-made wrapped completely around the circumference of the tree that restricts the growth of the tree. The item essentially chokes the tree and limits the flow of nutrients.
  3. Wound – any place on a tree where the bark is removed or penetrated. It is often marked by ragged edges.

People You Should Know:

  1. ISA Certified Arborist – an expert in the field of arboriculture. This individual knows how to manage and care for trees, shrubs, vines, and other woody plants in horticulture. A&R Tree Service has an arborist in training and will complete certification soon!

Actions You Might Want To Take:

  1. Clean Out – a deliberate removal of any dead or decaying parts of a plant or tree to promote new and healthy growth in its place.
  2. Crown Raising – cutting away at lower branches in the crown. This is usually done to allow for more room for signs, buildings, vehicles or even people underneath.
  3. Removal – the complete removal of a tree or shrub.
  4. Selective Pruning – Choosing where to cut back on a tree or shrub, including the branches, buds or roots, with a specific goal in mind.
  5. Stump Grinding – the utilization of a powerful tool to grind a tree stump down to the ground. The rotating disc cuts the tree into small chips that can be reused for gardening purposes.

At A&R Tree Experts, we’re passionate about expert and safe tree care. We provide tree pruning services, tree removal services and other valuable assistance such as stump removal or tree planting.