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What’s The Best Live Tree For Christmas?

Here at A&R Tree service we know our trees and that comes to Christmas Trees as well. Bells are ringing and Christmas carols can be heard everywhere. Ready or not Christmas is upon us. That means that it’s time to chose a Christmas Tree. A&R Tree Service are the tree experts and we have compiled a short list of live Christmas trees that we recommend for our community. So let’s get started! We are doing best first and working our way down.

1. Fraser Fir

Up close twig end of a red fir in the spring.

The Fraser Fir is first on our list because of the amazing qualities that this tree brings to your home. The tree has sturdy and full branches making this tree perfect for ornaments. The needles are on the softer side so one doesn’t have to worry about being pricked painfully. The tree will fill your home with the smell of Fraser Fir creating the ambiance of Christmas in the home. Fraser Firs have high needle retention making clean up after the Christmas season easier than ever!

2. Balsam Fir

The Balsam Fir comes in second for our choice and here’s why. The tree is absolutely beautiful. However, the branches are thinner and tend to not hold heavy ornaments well. The good part about this tree is the SMELL. Your home will smell like Christmas Tree! We don’t know about you but A&R Tree Service loves that smell. As long as you keep the tree watered the need retention is excellent.

3. Blue Spruce

The Blue Spruce is our least recommended tree. The needles tend to be sharp which makes moving a pain. We gave this tree a try last year and the kids had the hardest time putting up ornaments as the needles tended to poke them. The limbs are sturdy and can hold heavy ornaments. However, the smell is very minimal. Which if you don’t want that smell then this tree is for you if you can stand the needles. The needle retention is also does well. Just keep the tree watered and you will be fine.

So this is our short list of trees that we recommend. It still comes down to preference though. We like the smell of a Christmas tree but there are others who prefer not to have it at all. Which is understandable. A&R Tree Service wishes you the very best of Holidays this year.