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Winter Is Here!

A&R Tree Service is counting down the days till spring. 65 days to be exact from the writing of this blog. However, there are things that we recommend our clients do during the winter months to help promote heathy growth on their property. Over the next couple blogs we will be covering different pros of the winter months. Today we are covering tree removal.

Tree Removal

This is the perfect time to get a tree removed from your property due to the fact that in the winter months the ground is usually frozen. This allows A&R Tree Service to move heavy equipment across your property causing minimum damage. Which in turn allows ease of access, which saves money for our customers.

There are times though that if the ground is wet. A&R Tree Service crews will wait for the ground to refreeze or dry before coming onto the property. The last thing we want to do is to damage our clients property. Heavy equipment can cause deep ruts in your yard and that’s the last thing any of us want.

If you have a tree leaning or dead branches it’s best to get those removed ASAP regardless of the time of year. A&R Tree Service have seen trees give out under heavy snow fall and winter winds. Trees like these are dangerous to property and life. More people are killed by falling trees/branches a year in the United States than sharks in the entire world. Yes, that’s right, trees are more dangerous than sharks. The hard part about this statistic is that most were preventable deaths with tree/branch removal.